The Accelerators

Accelerators are high impact, self-contained short interventions with management, functional teams, or groups of all sizes that elect to challenge their standard way of thinking and agree to some immediate and trackable actions to spur change and craft a better way of functioning.

Why do we them Accelerators? Because these vehicles create fast shared understanding of issues, fast alignment around a common purpose and shared commitment to action. Proven within engagements that Leandro Herrero has run with his own clients, the Accelerators are designed for any organization that requires novel, differentiated, innovative and highly effective organizational development and change techniques and tools.

How are Accelerators different?

Accelerators are not not team building games or management training exercises or courses. They invite people in organisations to shape their world through real work focused on the specifics of your challenges in your organization. But this is done in a fast, sharp, focused and efficient way and in a surprisingly short period of time. And, yes, in doing so, you create a common sense of purpose and align the team as well!  There is no turning back after the Accelerator!


Reboot! is an accelerated diagnosis of what’s going on using plain language that is transformed into a real game plan, elected with accountabilities and united commitment to action – in 1 day! Just one day to change the course of your team or group, to stop, review and commit to action.

A one day immersion of your team or large group to create fast alignment between people. Use a common language to understand where you are and what needs to be done. A way to bypass lengthy brainstorming sessions. A Game Plan at the end of the day, with clear accountabilities and ways of tracking progress. All in one day!

Disruptive Ideas

Disruptive Ideas is devised to challenge you and your team(s) to consider/adopt apparently ‘impossible’ changes, the process results in a more aligned, engaged and healthier team/division/unit with a clear action plan for change. A total of 30 ‘ideas’ are dissected by the participants in one day. People are asked to assess the ideas on their own merits, imagining the impact for the organization.

Think of Disruptive Ideas as controlled injections of challenge to the default position within the organization. Amongst other things these ideas challenge the status quo; a real challenge to the ways things have always been done.