Next Generation of Leaders

We will develop and skill your next generation of leaders without sending them to courses or a business school

Tailor made, nor off-the-shelf

Your organizational future depends heavily on your next generation of leaders, more than the current one. The traditional way to address the need to prepare this population for their higher levels of accountability has been to send people to courses or to business schools, to rotate jobs and broaden their exposure, or combinations. Unfortunately many ‘courses’ and ‘programmes’ are very often off-the-shelf with some sort of tailored make-up for your organization. Many provide a good platform for individual learning but with more dubious pay-off in terms of the transfer of skills or direct application to the sponsor company. Once these managers are ‘back at work’ it is not always obvious how the individual benefit translates into the organizational one.

Your community of new leaders

Our Horizons programme goes deep into your organization’s needs in terms of skills, capabilities, leadership (particularly leadership of change), intercultural aspects , team and network management and some other building blocks which are unlikely to be found together on a single off-the-shelf academic programme. Horizons is a bespoke programme which combines the instructional aspects of leadership with hands on practices in these building blocks. It is run within your company, creating de facto a ‘community of new leaders’ well beyond the individual educational gain.

Following a joint assessment with you, we will organize all the activities, whether classroom or real-life experience , into logical sequences running over a period of several months, adding mentoring and exposure of the delegates to the top leaders. How this community itself functions reflects the desired way of running ‘the organization of tomorrow’, which will be lead by these people. At the end of the journey the borders between ‘educational programme’ and ‘real life implementation and functioning’ of a new pool of leaders will be completely blurred. As individuals, the gains are enormous, and the benefit to the organization is not an after-thought or a goal for tomorrow, but engrained in the day to day life of today.