The Seven Faces

Leadership is something we practice, not a theory, not a set of off-the-shelf rules or ready-made answers . The Seven Faces framework questions leadership practices and offers a process to answer them

The Leader with Seven Faces is a programme designed to engage individual managers or management groups in an in-depth journey to uncover true and often hidden values and beliefs and create leadership skills and capabilities. Based upon Leandro Herrero’s book of the same title, this programme in its three forms, propel the manager or the group to the next stage of insights, change and effectiveness. For example, the team becomes more aligned faster through agreed non-negotiable behaviours and shared commitment to action.

In this journey we approach the Seven Faces: what leaders say (language and meaning), where they go (what maps and journeys, where they take people with them), what they build (what kind of legacy), what they care about (what values, what is non negotiable), how they do all this (what are the drivers, the styles), ‘what’ are they (awareness, responsibility, identity) and finally what leaders do.

The Leader with Seven Faces can take place in three forms

As a seminar: this is a one or two-day intensive seminar with a management team, following the Seven Faces framework.

As a Senior Executive Retreat: This is a Monday to Friday programme for senior leaders/CEOs. It has become almost impossible for leaders in organizations today to create some personal space for reflection upon one’s leadership capabilities, style and impact. Pulled in many directions, the senior executive often reacts to events (or is controlled by them!) without a chance to step back and evaluate his/her role as leader. This retreat provides ‘protected space and time’ for reflection whilst at the same time using a clear structure for the in depth review of leadership. The emphasis of this retreat is on ‘personal time’. If your kind of leadership development programme is one that includes climbing mountains, building bridges and doing outdoor exercises ‘as a team’ or putting your physical energy to the test on survival exercises, this is NOT your programme. Admission to this retreat is by invitation only, following an interview.

As an individual coaching programme: this is an intensive, seven-week long personalized, one-on-one coaching programme using the framework and method described above.