Viral Change™ by Dr Leandro Herrero

Viral Change™ is a way to create large scale change in organizations and society by the combined power of non negotiable behaviours, peer to peer influence, informal social networks, stories and distributed leadership ( with ‘backstage’ of the formal top-down leadership). The methodology, the philosophy behind and the working principles have been described in books such as ‘Viral Change™: the alternative to slow, painful and unsuccessful management of change in organizations’ (meetingminds, 2008, 2nd edition) and ‘Homo Imitans: the art of social infection; viral change in action’ (meetingminds 2011).Viral Change™ has been applied to multiple organizational challenges such as organizational effectiveness, innovation, cultural change programmes, safety in the workplace, deployment of values and a leadership model, and employee engagement, to quote some. Viral Change™ companies ( provide the consulting and enabling support for such projects.