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We orchestrate large scale behavioural that creates the right culture that aligns with your desired results.

We engage everyone in your organisation and drive change from the grassroots, led by a unique style of leadership that focuses on supporting ownership and responsibility. It provides a solution for many of your organizational needs where changing behaviours and making them sustainable is the key.

Lets face it – no factor in your success, that of your teams or individuals in your organisation is not reliant on behaviours and, not just yours but, everyone’s.

Imagine real peer-to-peer change with high impact

Imagine your organization, sometime in the not too distant future, where small groups of highly connected and influential employees (not just management) are driving change by engaging their peers in conversations and actions.

Imagine for example, as a result of behavioural change, you are all closer to the customer, decisions are quicker, engagement is higher and attrition falls, customer attrition and employee attrition. Imagine that this is not a one off phenomenon but it has become the norm. That it will happen dozens or perhaps hundred times today. Also, those conversations and interactions between those peers take place very informally, not in teams, workshops or committees.

Imagine as well, that as a result of starting this practice now it is common and routine for most of the employees to ask “Can this be done better, faster, cheaper and more successfully” whether asking themselves or others:

Imagine that all of this becomes normal, as normal as having a team meeting, a 1 – 1 or a salary. And that this is multiplied 100 times across your organization.

Imagine other new habits, such as asking the question ‘who needs to know about this?’ and openly sharing innovation, ideas and information regardless of roles, boundaries, groups or team identities.

Imagine all of this breaks down silo working, removes any unhealthy internal competition for resource and every one focuses on their role within the role of the entire organisation, their role as a responsible and solutions focused employee that truly means they become a colleague to all. A real advocate for the organization with every customer, on or off the clock.

Imagine one hundred or one thousand people behaving in this way, not just today but pretty much as a norm. None of the above is achieved through endless workshops, pamphlets, office posters or top down management rhetoric.

Leaders support grassroots

Now imagine two more things; that there are stories floating around the organization about small or not so small successes, as a result of these new habits, captured and shared, people share and talk about them; and that the hierarchy of mangers and leaders have remained largely invisible, but have been coached to support those small groups and led this socially derived change from behind, we call this Backstage Leadership and we create it with you.

We are describing change which is driven from your own grassroots and at a large scale, sustainable, with a strong focus on new behaviours and with an additional form of personal and peer leadership which is largely distributed across the organization.

We are describing Viral Change™.

We orchestrate this for your organization. This is true change, this is a well-orchestrated social movement.

Your aims, supported by Viral Change™ can be of any nature, for example: to get closer to the customer, be very responsive, cross collaboration across the board, a rapid integration on a merger or a restructuring, implementation of new ways of doing things following an employee engagement initiative, creation of a particular culture, a broad transformation to be able to do more with less, faster and better, embed safety behaviours, not just train on safety, increase the use of new technologies which depend on people adopting new behaviours etc. These are just examples.

Viral Change” provides solutions for any situation which depends on stabilising new behaviours or new ways of ‘doing’ and which requires the changes to be sustainable and multiplied at a rate and scale.

The formula is behaviours x peer to peer influence x informal networks, plus stories and backstage leadership = RESULT

This is a proven platform that delivers. We are the architects of this approach and its practical orchestration and implementation. We will orchestrate for you large scale behavioural change partnering with you and your team of Leaders as you lead from backstage.

Viral Change provides solutions to business problems

Viral Change™ provides solutions for any situation which depends on spreading and/or establishing new behaviours or new ways of doing and which requires the changes to be sustainable and at large scale.


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