Leadership Retreats

These are intensive leadership retreats held in non-business environments which explore the participant’s DNA as a leader. They are highly introspective and require a good team atmosphere of trust. They do not provide an off-the -shelf formula to follow to become a good leader. There is a heavy accent on finding the right questions, exploring the personal answers and sharing with others a personal journey. These retreats are led by Leandro Herrero .

The Leader with Seven Faces

This is a three or four day intensive executive retreat held in a non-business or training environment exploring the seven faces of leadership at both personal and group level . These faces, as described in a book of the same title, are: what leaders say; what they build; where they go and take other people with them; how they do it; ‘what’ they are and what they actually do. Exclusive for top leadership and management teams. Pre -seminar reading is required. The focus of this retreat is on having the right questions, not off-the-shelf answers. It goes quite deep into the leader’s DNA. The Seven Faces provide a roadmap for introspection, self-assessment, awareness and call to action. The group dynamics facilitate the individual and shared commitment.

The 3S Bootcamp for leaders

An alternative four day executive, leadership retreat to master the art of introspection through silence only disrupted by group sharing of insights and guest speakers from the non-business world. Unfortunately blackberries, laptops and smartphones are completely banned in the premises for the entire duration of the retreat. Each participant is also coached twice by Leandro Herrero before and after the retreat. The 3S stand for silence, stillness and solitude, at the core of many forms of old Western and Eastern religious tradition. This is not a religious or New Age retreat but we borrow the 3 traditional S which the modern leader is in desperate need of. It is as down to earth as Pascal’s statement that “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” He might have today referred to leadership.