Caroline Tierney

Co-Founder of The Chalfont Project and Senior Partner of Viral Change™ Global LLP (a sister company of The Chalfont Project), Caroline draws from an international career spanning 16 years within EU and US pharmaceutical companies where she held R&D and commercial roles. Educated in Ireland and the US, with both, scientific and business qualifications, she has consulted for over a decade to international blue chip clients in areas of leadership and change. Having worked abroad all her career, Caroline draws on an in depth understanding of diverse cultures, behaviours and team dynamics and runs Accelerators (Leadership tools to inject new thinking in teams and larger groups) based on the body of work of Leandro Herrero. Caroline leads the Certified Associate Programme for The Chalfont Project’s Accelerators (Disruptive Ideas, Reboot! and InnovACTions) which are available on licence to third party selected practitioners.