The New Ideas Lab

  • Lead(brok)ers Wanted

    A trend for restructuring into interlocking business units, cutting out the middle manager, and an increasingly interdependent business environment has created a whole new set of problems. Dr Leandro Herrero flags up the role of the management broker.

  • Where is home in the global project village

    Globalisation is all very well but without strong local structures that can promote diversity, the entire effort can easily descend into a quest for conformity and control. Dr Leandro Herrero says there are more creative ways to run an international business.

  • Competing on ‘The Place’

    It is tempting for companies to define themselves solely by what they do but competing on how they do it, and therefore how they are organized, may turn out to be even more important, suggests Dr Leandro Herrero.

  • Bowling Regardless

    Dr Leandro Herrero explains the importance of “league bowling” to the 21st century corporation – and how “bowling alone” may have a deleterious impact on its fabric.

  • Managing by Default

    Ready made software may be adequate for most purposes, but relying on ’default’ systems is ultimately limiting. Even worse, applying the default approach to managing an organization carries significant dangers  

  • Social Responsibility Begins at Home

    Public opinion has forced some companies to consider their social responsibilities to the environment and developing countries. They should first look at the state of their own back yards.

  • Change is Great – You Go First!

    Changing people’s behaviour is the key to managing sustainable change in any company. But to do this successfully means applying not the traditional thinking of carrots and sticks but rather carrots and no carrots.

  • Recognising the Sokal Syndrome

    Business jargon has reached such a pitch, that people no longer know how to express themselves in plain English. Avoid the hype and you will find people that can think for themselves

  • Forget Benchmarking

    Are you a winner or an also-ran? If you’re too busy checking your productivity, quality and performance against those leading the field, Dr Leandro Herrero would like to point out that caution and innovation are mutually exclusive activities.

  • The Toddler and the Palm Pilot

    Knowledge management, the noisesome younger brother of data management, is growing up. But is it ready to play with the big boys?  

  • The Living Organization

    Companies are groups of people, not machines, so if you are having organizational problems it might be time to call in a biologist.  

  • Entrepreneurs at the gates

    Large organizations have an awkward habit of setting their best people free. Dr Leandro Herrero suggests alternatives to the great escape.