The New Ideas Lab

  • The McDonaldisation of Management

    Processes are all very well but without original thought accompanying them they are useless.

  • Prisoners of the numbers

    Chained to the idea of a measurement for everything, from business forecasts and performance indicators to ratios and scales, managers need liberating from the tyranny of numbers.

  • Mapping the leaders’ DNA

    The resounding success of the human genome project, has given Dr Herrero some ambitious ideas of his own. Here he outlines his cunning plan to locate and patent the elusive leadership gene.

  • A Strategy for all Seasons

    Business will always go up and down with market forces. The only way to ensure survival is to prepare for constant change by keeping morale high and structures flexible.

  • We need a dream or two

    Business leaders, use jargon and technobable to hide their lack of inspiration. Does this language encourage men and women to achieve greatness or even to do their jobs? Not at all  

  • Looking for my keys

    Why does management so often adopt a primitive approach to sophisticated problems? Dr Leandro Herrero believes its time to stop using rudimentary, neon-lit solutions and look further afield and in darker corners.

  • NPI Vignette

    imagine and organization made up of excellent scientific and technical brains working together in the same place as business professionals who are experts in discovery.  

  • It’s Management, Stupid!

    Leandro Herrero suggests that at a time when pharma is facing unprecedented challenges it has lost sight of the basics of company management. He assesses the problem and offers a solution.

  • Software, Hardware and Orgware

    You can have the sexiest, most sophisticated IT in the world, but if your staff dont want to use it, you have wasted your time. To link man and machine get ’orgware’.  

  • Smart Mobs Everywhere

    The internet, email, text messaging – it’s never been easier for groups to gather and communicate. Yet the networking that goes on in organizations is often frowned upon rather than encouraged.

  • Surely, you must be jogging

    Are your staff racers, random joggers or pack animals? How do you tell and does it really matter?  

  • Strategic Outsourcing and Innovation Pabord 05

    Strategic outsourcing and innovation: what’s the connection and where does innovation come from?