The New Ideas Lab

  • In Sync and In Health

    Synchronistic behaviour exists everywhere in nature, and is mimicked within many organizations. But has synchronisation in business gone a step too far?

  • The Trouble with HR

    Jack-of-all-trades and master of none, human resources personnel deal with everything from talent spotting to processing the payroll. HR needs a new identity

  • It’s a Small World

    To find new ways of thinking and doing, you must escape the confines of your own little world and enter uncharted territory. But it may not be as hard as you think.  

  • Your Call is Important to us

    If a customer services adviser is going to ’attend to your call shortly’, why not put up a set of shelves, bathe the twins, catalogue your CD collection and regrout the bathroom. You’ll have plenty of time.

  • Who needs to know

    Managing knowledge, the intellectual assets of your company, isn’t just about installing expensive software. It’s more about behaviour and organization.

  • Behavior: The Blueprint for Change

  • It’s the system, not me

    Pyschological studies suggest that most of us excuse petty, illogical and even cruel behaviour if it is mandated by the organization we work for. Take a pause for thought  

  • Rewards, Incentives, Reinforcements

    What motivates a person to try out a new behaviour is not the same driver that will sustain that behaviour.

  • Creating Compatible Dreams

    If you want to make a merger work forget about any managerial preconceptions about the new company culture. The staff will have different ideas.

  • Roles, Power and Uniform

    It’s not the uniform that matters, but the context in which it is worn. And the same is true for our mental uniforms, the roles we adopt in our working lives. Dr Leandro Herrero says leaders must create environments where power is exercised appropriately and for the common good.Roles_power

  • Thinking outside the group

    Have you ever done something against your better judgement because you believed it was what everyone else wanted – and then discovered they all thought like you? Dr Leandro Herrero would describe you as a victim of groupthink, a surprisingly common phenomenon that blights political, business, and family life.

  • Change Management vs Behavioural Change

    Change Management”: one of the buzzwords of our time. But what does it mean and does it deliver long term change?