The New Ideas Lab

  • A Choice of Realities

    Followers of popular TV shows know that simulated reality can be much more palatable than real life. And as the internet enables people to create an infinite number of alternative worlds, Dr Leandro Herrero ponders the value of the unreal over the real.

  • Partnerships: Nurture, not Nature

    Negotiation and communication skills dont always come naturally, which is why they are taught to sales forces. But relationship management is a skill needed by all manner of people within an organization, so isnt it time to offer broader training support?

  • Benchmarking Deviance

    Conventional wisdom says that organizations need rules, systems and standard operating procedures. But instead of punishing those who dont conform, managers should try to capitalise on the potential for change offered by deviance.

  • Managing Irrationality

    Business management suggests the best decisions are based on a series of logical actions that result in a successful outcome. However, companies often operate in an irrational environment and this factor needs proper management.

  • Forget the Culture, Change Behaviors

    How do you change something as ingrained as a company’s culture? Start with the underlying behaviours and change may come faster than you think.

  • Change is inevitable, Misery is a choice

    We live in a world of constant flux where pain is inevitable. Change can mean misery but this can be avoided, and the pain lessened, if change within a company is managed by focusing on people’s behaviours, says Dr Leandro Herrero

  • To Believe or Not To Believe…

    … that’s a management question. Gut instinct controls our decisions much more than we realise. This natural ability can be put to good use, but it shouldn’t be confused with the analytical side of our decision-making, says Dr Leandro Herrero

  • R&D – The Enemy Within

    Outward-looking management is fine, but its only worthwhile if your own house is in order. The priority of R&D organizations should be to address their often bureaucratic, carbon copy structures that have barely changed in the past 50 years, argues Dr Leandro Herrero

  • Butterfly Management

    It is said that the gentle fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in one remote corner of the world can create a tornado in another. Dr Leandro Herrero pins down the butterfly effect – when small actions can have big results – in organizational management.

  • In God We Trust Others Bring Maps

    It’s a jungle out there… well, in airport bookshops at least. Dr Leandro Herrero explores the dense ‘flora’ growing on the shelves and finds that we’re a world of ‘self-helpers’ and ‘self-help’ gurus.

  • The Innovation Mindset

    If you want to innovate, you need deviation, but this is more a mindset than a break from standard procedures, says Dr Leandro Herrero. All forms of innovation can come from three approaches – looking for the unpredictable, understanding exactly what it is you’re asking, and learning to say ’however’

  • A Matter of Trust

    Trust is as important in your corporate world as it is in your personal life, but it’s a fragile structure, easily toppled by one careless move. Dr Leandro Herrero explains how to build and protect your valuable trust capital, through actions that have emotional rather than rational appeal