What we are working on now

The creation and deployment of a new leadership model for a major European energy company so that the new behavioural DNA becomes universal for the company.
Creating a new behavioural DNA for a leading pharmaceutical company after acquisitions and grow so that change-ability becomes a permanent competence and the words ‘management of change’ become
Shaping a new culture in parts of the school transportation system in the USA and Canada so that anybody form kids to school governors can see the difference.
A behavioural safety programme in a major global oil and gas company, focused on large scale change, no training or compliance
Working with Communication directors to reinvent their corporate function
Working with top leaders in a pan European insurance company to develop their change ability skills.
Creating the behavioural fabric of a Pan European telecom company so that a full integration of process and systems may take place for real.
Transforming the culture in a European insurance company after several acquisitions and ‘unfinished mergers’
Helping parts of the UK local government to shape their own, new, outwards looking culture.
He is also writing a new book: ‘Building Remarkable Organizations’