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Consultants and Senior Consultants

The Chalfont Project are always looking for consultants to join our network on a part-time or full-time basis. The model of association with us is tailored to mutual needs. Many colleagues on the delivery side work with us on a part-time basis but are dedicated to one or two projects.

Viral Change™ programmes take place in multiple locations, both in continental Europe and the UK. The consultant may be equally based in any location. Our clients are middle to large sized corporations spanning multiple industry sectors.

As part of the Viral Change™ Global Team, consultants will be fully trained on the methodology which has very successfully delivered large scale behavioural and cultural change for many years.

A typical Viral Change™ programme lasts 2 years on average. We accompany the client on the journey by becoming an integral part of the Joint Project Team. The Joint Project Team (often called ‘the engine room’) has shared responsibility and individual points of accountability. We as consultants ‘don’t deliver’, the Project Team does, and the client owns the initiative.

We work with clients on a fixed cost basis and never bill per consultant and number of days or per daily rate. We don’t sell our time.

Our consultants are remunerated mirroring that type of outcome-driven model, on a fixed agreed monthly professional fee. We would like to ensure a commitment of at least one year.

Two to four consultants would be working together on a typical Viral Change™ programme. One of the partners will be involved in different degrees depending on the project.

Typical time involvement

Initial training/immersion on Viral Change™ over two days


[Client] Month 1: 2 full days face to face onboarding (Joint Project Team) with the client

[Client] Afterwards usually 1 ½ days face to face Project Team meeting per month

[Internal] ½ day in depth Internal project review, continuous learning and upskilling


[Client] In between Project Team face to face meetings, virtual workstream(s) 2 hour meetings take place (one consultant may be informally allocated to 2 of the 5 Viral Change™ workstreams)

[Internal] Check in review meetings (usually virtual) with a partner, project lead or head of the PMO.

[Internal] Documenting insights and actions on our shared project-specific online platform (Basecamp)


[Client] On an ad hoc basis, there will always be members of the project team from the client side that may need a quick follow up call for support or understanding. We offer 24/7 ‘mutual availability’. In 20 years of experience, no client has ever abused this model.

[Internal] Other than calls, emails  and occasional face to face, we usually communicate via Whatsapp on a regular basis as a quick check in.

Candidates should be experienced in the Human Capital area of interventions and consulting. We are looking for people with excellent social and emotional intelligence, confident and enthusiastic in the task of creating lasting change, able to interact with all hierarchical layers of the client organization, from top leadership to ground floor. Excellent communication skills are a given, as is full proficient English. A second language would be an advantage. The background discipline of the consultant is less relevant than the demonstrated gravitas and ability to navigate the complexity of organizations and their leadership, team dynamics and cultures. We would expect familiarity with the principles of Viral Change™ and in general the work of Dr Leandro Herrero. If you are interested, please send us a comprehensive CV and a letter explaining both the nature of your interest and why you think you’ll be very suitable. Please do send to Laura Proctor at [email protected] our Chief Operating Officer who is responsible for recruitment.

Above all, The Chalfont Project believes that a set of values must inform our mutual relationships. We ask our associates to work together in ways consistent with these values reproduced here below:

1. Loyalty. To our worldview of the organization, to our ideas, our purpose, our style, our brands, our shared passion, our common work and, above all, to each other.

2. Sense of urgency. Life is not sequential, work ethos is key. We make a difference today, not in the future. We must run faster than the world.

3. Care. We are all in this together.

4. Ambition. We have unique assets, an edge, are ahead of the game in many aspects. We must maximise our potential.

5. Imagination. Individually, we don’t have all the answers. ‘Have not done before’ people have no room in the company. In a myriad of areas, the rules are not written. We have the best pens. We are Organization Architects.

6. Critical thinking. We go beyond the default positions, the easy extrapolations from the past. Intelligent, smart people appreciated. Robots abstain.

7. ‘Remarkable’. All our external interfaces and project implementation must be slick and memorable with clients. We are different or we are nothing.

8. Look out. We see and hear the market, trends, ideas, the next thing. We compare ourselves with the ‘new kids on the block’ in the area of the future of the organization; with those that craft and manage social movements, not with standard consulting companies.

9. Closure. No room for recycling, revisiting, postponing, or agonizing. We don’t run an orphanage of ideas.

10. Expertise. We operate from a position of expertise, not simply facilitation or process consulting, although these may be needed at time. We project this without arrogance but with full confidence. That confidence will then be infected in the client. Above all, we never sell our time.