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We Are Architects of Organizational Change Management

If you’re seeking effective leadership, a collaborative working environment, cultural transformation and the embedment of unifying, collective behaviours across your organization – rest assured we are the consultancy to help you achieve all of this and more. Work with us.

We will advise you, collaborate with you and we will create powerful changes within your organization. As pioneers in driving behavioural-based organizational change, we work with people with ambition, who see possibilities, who have a sense of urgency and who want to make a difference in their worlds – teams, leaders, companies, society. Call our UK team on (+44) 01895 549158, email [email protected] or complete the short form here.

What We do

Find out more about our full suite of offerings in the organizational design, collective leadership and culture change spaces.

Portfolio of Services

Trapped by labels, structures or processes? We are your strategists and organization architects.

Smart Organizational Design

Challenge ways of thinking, provide immediate and trackable action, drive change and develop a better way of functioning across your team, department or organization.

Accelerating Teams

We take you on a fast paced journey to develop leaders for today and tomorrow. You will craft new ways of practicing individual and collective leadership.

Collective Leadership in Practice

Culture is the new workplace, but to get the culture you want, you need to define non-negotiable behaviours. Because behaviours create culture, not the other way around.

Find out about our culture change programmes which will fully prepare your organization/team/department for the future.

Culture Change in Practice

Transforming, high impact, speaking engagements for your leadership, management teams, or the entire company.

Speaker Bureau

Read, watch, absorb, then share, enhance and enlighten the world with what you learn, observe and engage with.

The Leandro Herrero Institute

We are open to partnering with organizations and individuals who may want to take advantage of The Chalfont Project’s vast IP in areas such as behavioural change, culture change, leadership or organizational design.


We are your change management partners

Change is a necessary but often challenging endeavour. Shockingly, 70% of change management projects fall short of their intended goals. The Chalfont Project’s consultancy services in change management are designed to help organisations overcome these formidable odds.

Our change management expertise empowers companies to effectively respond to current and emerging opportunities and challenges, whilst creating a sustainable culture that prepares organizations for the future. Our approach results in increased employee engagement and a genuine cross-organizational commitment to deliver successful transformation initiatives.

We want to work with organizations that are willing to make drastic changes in order to achieve their goals, with a sense of urgency and ambition to get there by any means necessary. No doubt there will be challenges along the way but these are the growing pains of building an organization that is effective and successful.

There is a Better Way with The Chalfont Project – Architects of Organizational Change

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