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We Are Your Organizational Architects

If you want to build a remarkable organization, we are your organizational architects. If you need the best leadership, if you want a collaborative environment, master change, and instill radical management innovation we promise you’ll have them. Work with us. We won’t tell you things just because you want to hear them.

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And in the current climate of conversations focusing on hybrid vs. non-hybrid, flexible vs. non-flexible, work from home vs. work from anywhere, we say – let’s have a different conversation. One about the culture you want or need.

Culture is the real driver in building remarkable organizations

We have a simple vehicle to address your culture challenges. In just 2-3 months we will get to the bottom of your culture issues and provide you with a carefully crafted action plan.

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What we do

Trapped by labels, structures or processes? We are your strategists and organization architects.

Smart Organizational Design


From how people communicate with each other, and how they work together across your business.

Communication, Collaboration, Connectivity

Challenge ways of thinking, provide immediate and trackable action, drive change and develop a better way of functioning across your team, department or organization.

Team Management and Development

We take you on a fast paced journey to develop leaders for today and tomorrow. You will craft new ways of practicing individual and collective leadership.

Collective and Backstage Leadership

Culture is the new workplace, but to get the culture you want, you need to define non-negotiable behaviours. Because behaviours create culture, not the other way around.

Find out about our culture change programmes which will fully prepare your organization/team/department for the future.

Sustainable Behavioural and cultural change at scale

Transforming, high impact, speaking engagements for your leadership, management teams, or the entire company.

Speaker Bureau

Read, watch, absorb, then share, enhance and enlighten the world with what you learn, observe and engage with.

The Chalfont Project Academy

A series of short term consulting interventions helping organizations look at new and innovative ways to embrace the future of work.

The Accelerator Suite

We will work with you to create and deliver the culture you want.  A sustainable culture that will prepare your organization for the future. .

We want to work with organizations that are willing to make drastic changes in order to achieve their goals, with a sense of urgency and ambition to get there by any means necessary. No doubt there will be challenges along the way but these are the growing pains of building a culture that is effective and successful for everyone in the organization.

The key to effective culture change management is behavioural change, there is no change, unless there is behavioural change. This is what makes our proven approach more effective than ‘traditional’ change management approaches.

You can map new processes and re-arrange the organization chart. Install a new corporate software (ERP, CRM, etc.) and explain to people why this is good and necessary. Create a massive communication and training campaign and make sure that everybody has clearly understood where to go. Perhaps you’ve done this already and noticed that many people hang on to the old ways. That is because it is only when new behaviours have become the norm that you can say that real change has occurred. If you want a new culture, change behaviours. Cultures are not created by training.

Our expertise is in sustainable, large scale behavioural and cultural change. If you would like to find out more, just email or head to our contact us form to fill out an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

We will advise you, work with you and will make the difference. We don’t do ‘small differences’ – if this is what you have in mind, don’t hire us. We work with people with ambition, who see possibilities, who have a sense of urgency and who want to make a difference in their worlds – teams, leaders, companies, society. Also, we don’t do misery. Pain is sometimes inevitable but misery is always a choice. Not ours, life is short.

Warning: we have a bias for behaviours in all we do. Others may ignore them in favour of processes or structures but for us there is no change of any kind unless there is behavioural change. So, talk to us.

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