About Us

The Chalfont Project was founded by Leandro Herrero and Caroline Tierney to provide professional services on organizational architecture across industries.

As a leading academic put it, the so-called ‘war for talent’ may be a distraction from the real issue: how to host that talent within the company, whether the internal and existing talent, or the external and to be acquired. The Chalfont Project focuses solely on the organizational (structural, functional, operational, etc.) aspects of the company, big or small. We are organization architects.

Since its inception, The Chalfont Project has maintained a strong intellectual and pragmatic linkage with the behavioural-social sciences. This background and human-sciences approach is brought to the table in its engagements, coupled with a very pragmatic, results-driven orientation. It is this combination of pragmatism and thought leadership in the behavioural arena that distinguishes The Chalfont Project from other consulting organizations.

The Chalfont Project is a privately owned, limited company registered in England working internationally.

Our Philosophy

We are people-centred builders of organizations.

We help our clients to create the organizational conditions to attract and retain good people. We call these leadership conditions because we conceive leadership as the creation of a lasting environment that binds people together and generates wealth.

We are cartographers of organizations.

We help our clients map the organization’s journey towards its vision and goals. We believe that people travelling together on that journey constitute the organization’s human and social capital – the true capital of any firm, big or small. We believe that a successful journey requires aligned objectives and a set of common maps.

We are architects of the organization’s I.Q.

We design and help implement structures and systems where diverse people can work together, structures that work across geographical and cultural borders and that are in themselves an innovation and a source of business advantage.

At The Heart Of The Chalfont Project