The Chalfont Project Partnership Programme

The Chalfont Project are open to creating partnerships with organizations and individuals who may want to take advantage of The Chalfont Project’s vast IP in areas such as behavioural change, culture change, leadership or organizational design.

Current Partnerships Include

Suzanne Clarkson

Suzanne Clarkson

Coach House Communications

reputation management and communications professional, Suzanne started out as a journalist and editor, going on to head up Corporate Communication teams for UK and multinational organisations. This included line management of PR, Events and Internal Communication, plus communication counsel to senior executive teams. 

For the last 14 years, Suzanne has provided reputation management consultancy to a range of clients, from SMEs to FTSE 100, public as well as private sector. She enjoys in-depth experience of workplace wellbeing after working many years for various organisations in this industry sector.

Suzanne recently gained a Masters qualification in Internal Communication Management with a view to helping organisations better consider reputation from the inside out. 

Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper

Catalysts Consulting

Lisa is one of the pioneers in Norway within DEI having worked in the field for over 16 years. While working with the Integration and Diversity Directorate (IMDi) in 2006-2008, she oversaw the portfolio of diversity integration strategy development for Norway and has since 2008 led her own consulting practice.

Her career includes 35 years of international experience and over 20 years of top management experience (Alcatel, Thales and IMDi) from the private and public sectors. She has lived and worked in four countries and sits on several boards in the private, public and humanitarian sectors.




With expertise in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), our services are tailored to closely align with this field. Utilizing ONA, we offer a comprehensive overview of an organization’s network structure, identifying key influencers and determining patterns of information flow. 

Our service places particular emphasis on the pivotal role of influencers in driving organizational change. We specialize in identifying and showcasing individuals who spearhead change initiatives and propel them forward. By highlighting these influencers, we empower organizations to communicate more effectively and collaborate better in shaping and reinforcing new cultures.

Furthermore, our detailed diagnostic analysis provides invaluable insights into areas where organizations may need to intensify communication efforts or enhance collaboration. We support our clients in uncovering the untapped potential and resources within their organizations, thereby facilitating cultural change and driving organizational development forward. 

Melina Jajamovich

melina Jajamovich


Melina lived for more than a decade in Spain where she worked in the press, in strategic planning for governments and in the evaluation of public policies. Then she started working with start-ups as a mentor and trainer.

Today she lives in Argentina where she works for companies all over Latam  with the single goal of making workspaces more human.

Melina is the author of “Agilidad en 4 estaciones” and “Reflexiones de un año trabajando en pantuflas” and was named a LinkedIn TopVoice. 

Institute of Brand Logic

Institute of Brand logic

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC turns companies into leading brands. For over 20 years this consulting boutique has dedicated itselves to the challenge of leading companies into a successful future. The speciality of the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC lies in the fusion of brand management with growth strategies and organisational development.

Culture, behaviours and leadership may be old friends, but people today are desperate for new answers, and we are and want to always be, at the forefront of the new thinking and implementations.

Viral Change™ unquestionably, continues to be the standard of non- conventional approach to change. We are leaders in the crafting of a bottom-up approach to peer-to-peer networks, as the driving force of change and consequent staff engagement and ‘agency’. We believe that the current mantra of ‘employee satisfaction’ does not go far enough and that organizational change is impossible unless understood as a social movement. We develop that view in practice. 

Our Collective Leadership approach leaves the room of the C-suite-only responsibility for all-things-organization, to embrace distributed leadership as a true engine of transformation. The old ‘all of us is smarter than any of us’ is still not adopted in many organizations. We know how to do it. Also, Leadership Teams, across the board, are still struggling with what has always broadly called ’Leading Change’. Old questions that need different answers which we have crafted.

Our Smart Designs approach abandons the futile discussion of remote vs non-remote work to provide the scaffolding for new ways of working and being organized. Workplaces do not have cultures; cultures have workplaces. We design those new spaces. 


The purposes of a partnership with The Chalfont Project may be multiple, from enhancing current professional work to a joint ‘go to market’ in specific sectors, corporate functions or geographies. Similarly, we are actively considering not just business and corporate set ups but also Public and Third sectors.

The opening of these opportunities is very broad by design.

Our main interest is to work with people or organizations who truly embrace the significance of focusing on behavioural change, modern leadership (particularly collective leadership) or new organizational designs, especially in the ‘new ways of working’ area.

One of our key criteria for partnering would be a good mutual understanding of the level of commitment that our partners would bring, defined in a practical way. We are not looking for a simple, conceptual agreement of joint work ‘when an opportunity arises’.

In this new partnership period (opening October 2023) our focus is on providing our IP (also translated into training, coaching, upskilling, etc.) to third parties, where the partners bring in client opportunities, new ways of working or new expertise from their own domain of activities (geographies, sectors etc) culminating in joint work. Again, we are receptive as to defining the degree of ‘joint work’ because, by design, we will consider a broad spectrum of options suiting the relationship, not an artificial model.

The geographical set up is open to any part of the world. We are UK based but working internationally and our teams are truly multicultural.

If this is of interest to you or your organization, please let us know your type of interest along with your circumstances and background/track record, with as much clarity as possible about why you would consider this possible partnership as truly impactful and of great potential.

Most background information about us can be found in,, and

Our Lead Partnering Team will assess all the proposals carefully and will let you know if we think that it would be mutually beneficial to establish a face-to-face discussion and follow up.

Please do reach out to Laura Proctor, COO at [email protected]