When you need a good organizational architect

Your house is more than the sum of the number of bricks, your organizational life more than the sum of management activities and solutions

Trapped by labels?

Managers tend to put labels to their needs in an attempt to feel better about grabbing something concrete. A ‘leadership programme’ sounds like a training system to create better leaders, but suppose you want these leaders above all to become highly innovative. Does that make it an ‘innovation programme’? Which consultants do you call in? An ‘away day’ or off-site on strategy has been designed by team building consultants in the hope that you’ll get a bonded team. Do you want good strategy, a good team or both? You invest massively in sales training across the board hoping you’ll get better sales results. However, all you have is a ‘better trained workforce’ without improved results. Was the training bad (and you can’t fault the techniques taught) or the wrong consultants?

Trapped by structures?

You wanted Division A and Division B to stop working in silos and have decided to amalgamate A and B under a new C so now they have one single management, one home, one roof and one organization chart. But the new C people continue to ignore each other. Perhaps you were too quick in giving a structural answer (the reorganization) to what it was a behavioural problem -people not talking to each other.

Trapped by processes?

You have reorganized, reshuffled groups, redesigned new processes and created an entirely new Operating Model and you have been left by your consulting partners with stacks of PowerPoints explaining it all. But there is nothing on those digital piles about how John and Mary are going to work together, what behaviours are needed for that, or how to help them to speed up the ‘working together’. No wonder six months later people still tell you that the reorganization is unfinished or the integration is ‘still in progress’.

Leadership development, restructuring, sales management, team building, behavioural change, process redesign, new operating model, reorganization etc. All of the above are situations which may have started or ended with these labels.

Your single view, the architects view.

You are rich in labels but poor in results because you may lack or have been short of ‘the one single view’, an architect’s view. You have been building a house with an expensive plumbing system that doesn’t work; a garden with beautiful plants unsuitable for your weather; you are really short of one bedroom; your car is too big for the garage and the legal status of your planning permission is at the very least dubious. And the invitations to the housewarming party have already been sent out to the world.

If you can imagine these scenarios either because you are about to embark upon any of these ventures or are halfway there, or have been left with the PowerPoint stacks, we are the people who will help you either to avoid, remedy or completely rescue. We are the organizational architects that you need.

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