Injecting Disruption

Big impact with small changes at your reach. A process to think the unthinkable and achieve the unexpected. And all could be done tomorrow.

Management has its own possible disruptive ways

In his 2008 book, Leandro Herrero defined Disruptive ideas as those which ‘provide management alternatives that, if spread, can completely transform the way the organization works without the need for a massive change management programme. Each of them in its own right has the potential to create significant change, but the compound benefit of a few of them is a real engine of change and business transformation. These Disruptive Ideas are simple, have a total disproportion between their simplicity and the significant impact in the life of organizations, can be implemented immediately, usually have zero cost or are cheap to implement, are most likely to be contrarian and counterintuitive, have some risk of being trivialised or dismissed and can spread virally very easily’ These Disruptive Ideas are like controlled injections of challenge to the default positions of organizations. Amongst other things they question ‘the ways things have always being done’.

A structured way to inject disruptive management innovation

This programme is devised to challenge you, management team, functional team, division…) to adopt many ‘impossible changes’ and to use the process to build a critical and healthier team. A total of 30 ‘ideas’ are dissected by your team(s) and your team members learn to asses them on their own merits, imagining the impact for the organization. We will create a process of critical thinking around the various ideas and a mechanism to challenge assumptions about their positive or negative merits. The outcome is a small set of chosen ideas with the potential to create high impact immediately, and a clear plan of commitment and accountability. This is a crash immersion in management innovation and a powerful team building and renewal plan. You may or may not need us beyond the initial intervention in order to help implement the changes and track their impact.