Seminars, Keynotes & Retreats

Our speaking engagement programme reflects the different requirements of our Clients and is structured around the three core offerings of keynote presentations; seminars and workshops and multi-day leadership retreats. Your organization may have specific needs to be addressed which may require a tailored combination of the themes above. Contact us to discuss your requirements and create the most appropriate session. Most often undertaken by our CEO, Dr Leandro Herrero, the topics outlined in each of these categories are just a selection of those we offer and are related to our work as organizational architects. Leandro Herrero is frequently voted ‘Best Speaker’ at conferences worldwide, with audiences ranging from 100 to 500 people. He also speaks to Boards and Leadership Teams or participates in other internal company conferences as a keynote speaker or by running a short seminar or longer workshop.


Short presentations of 45-60 minutes followed by Q&A. The titles provided here are those which have resonated most with audiences and are directly related to Leandro Herrero’s cutting edge work as an organizational consultant. We, as his team, will help you choose between options, to create, adapt or tailor a completely new keynote for your organization. These keynotes are suitable for in-company presentations, in the context of Leadership team meetings and retreats, or public conferences.


Viral ChangeTM : the alternative to the 80% failure rate of ‘change management’ Highlighting the key concepts of the pioneering Viral Change” programmes and the book of the same title, this is an insightful tour into the only real alternative to traditional, top-down and mechanistic ‘management of change’. The Age of Activism: orchestrating large scale behavioural change in organizations and society There is no difference between micro and macro-social change, a fact largely ignored in business. Organizational change is viral change, an internal social movement, or it isn’t. This keynote addresses ten inconvenient truths about management of change and brings closer to each other social activism ad internal activism. Employee engagement? A company of volunteers Employee engagement has become an industry in its own right. The old house of the psychology of motivation has been refurbished and redecorated. But most companies are not going far enough. Would employee self-management be the ultimate goal of employee engagement? This keynote challenges the traditional concepts of employee engagement as commonly accepted. A tale of two worlds: information and behaviours Most problems in day to day management can be traced to the mistaken assumption that communication is change. It isn’t. There is no change unless there is behavioural change, so no amount of communication can create change. Behaviours create cultures, not the other way around. Cultures are not created by training. A guide for the perplexed based upon Dr Herrero’s latest book Homo Imitans. Leading change in VUCA land (volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous) The current business environment across the world is facing unprecedented challenges. Fundamental shifts in the way organizations work have taken place, yet we still use old management and leadership toolkits, created at a time of a more predictable and linear world. Are we equipped for the new VUCA organization? How can we lead in this new environment?


Half or one day interactive and practical events suitable for management teams or wider groups of managers . These are delivered either by Leandro Herrero personally or by a member of his consulting team. In some cases one of his books serves as foundation material. Participant’s preparation or reading pre-seminar may be required.


Disruptive ideas Following a book of the same title this is a ‘crash course’ on remarkably simple, low cost, high impact changes that can be implemented in any organization that wants to improve radically, provided it has the ambition to adopt unconventional thinking.

Reboot! The Game Plan  Organizational and business transformation and change may not be enough. ‘Rebooting the system’ may be the best accelerator. Identifying sacred cows and elephants in the room may be a good start. Ten more steps and you’ll be in reboot mode. Which are they? This is a practical workshop providing both assessment and roadmap tools ending in a game plan that can be tracked.

New leaders wanted, now hiring From a book of the same title this is an invitation to find twelve types of new thinkers and new leaders, and then find jobs for them. Exactly in that order. A practical seminar to identify the types and assess their value for the organization.

The Beta Organization TM ‘Unfinished by design’, the Beta OrganizationTM masters the art of flexibility, the bravery of the co-existence of various, often contradictory organizational and business models within the same firm, and the abolition of the word ‘change’ due to complete redundancy: change is its normal way of life. What are its characteristics and how can we build one of these?

Innovactions! Innovation has been hijacked by process junkies and tool vendors. Whilst we need tools and processes, most innovation is behavioural. No wonder many processes have become straightjackets and many tools are underutilized. ‘It’s behaviours, stupid!’ A practical workshop focused on the behavioural side of innovation and how to create a true behavioural DNA regardless of the existence of tools.

Leadership Retreats

These are intensive leadership retreats held in non-business environments which explore the participant’s DNA as a leader. They are highly introspective and require a good team atmosphere of trust. They do not provide an off-the -shelf formula to follow to become a good leader. There is a heavy accent on finding the right questions, exploring the personal answers and sharing with others a personal journey. These retreats are led by Leandro Herrero .


This is a three or four day intensive executive retreat held in a non-business or training environment exploring the seven faces of leadership at both personal and group level . These faces, as described in a book of the same title, are: what leaders say; what they build; where they go and take other people with them; how they do it; ‘what’ they are and what they actually do. Exclusive for top leadership and management teams. Pre -seminar reading is required. The focus of this retreat is on having the right questions, not off-the-shelf answers. It goes quite deep into the leader’s DNA. The Seven Faces provide a roadmap for introspection, self-assessment, awareness and call to action. The group dynamics facilitate the individual and shared commitment.


An alternative four day executive, leadership retreat to master the art of introspection through silence only disrupted by group sharing of insights and guest speakers from the non-business world. Unfortunately blackberries, laptops and smartphones are completely banned in the premises for the entire duration of the retreat. Each participant is also coached twice by Leandro Herrero before and after the retreat. The 3S stand for silence, stillness and solitude, at the core of many forms of old Western and Eastern religious tradition. This is not a religious or New Age retreat but we borrow the 3 traditional S which the modern leader is in desperate need of. It is as down to earth as Pascal’s statement that “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” He might have today referred to leadership.