Your Identity and Purpose

What is your organization for? What spaces do you want to occupy in your worlds? If instead of an organization you were a commercial brand, why would anybody buy you?

Occupy your unique space

‘What’ are you? What is the space your team occupies in the organization? What spaces does the organization occupy within the company? Or the company itself? Is that the space you want? What do you want your stakeholders to experience? What’s your real purpose? Your identity? If your team or division was a commercial brand, what would be its value proposition? How would anybody feel about ‘buying it’? And which behaviours would be needed to make that brand live?

All these questions can hardly be answered by the organization chart or by cold mission statements. In a business world of escalating ambiguity and messiness, the organization chart gives only an illusion of comfort. Over a series of short interventions we will work with you and your people to discover and establish that space and plan for how to occupy it. It is about finding the real reason for your existence, perhaps the hidden purpose and the set of behavioural rules needed to thrive.

Mission and vision translated

Call it identity or purpose or raison d’etre, it is also team building, an in depth evaluation, and a big step towards collective leadership. You (your team, your division, your company), considered as a brand, is a powerful way to establish new foundations after restructuring for example. It can trigger a profound renewal. Looking at the team as a brand, can get everybody aligned not only around values and beliefs but also on behaviours, both internally and with your key interfaces. Even if you have your mission and vision statements on the wall, this is about making them live and translating them into the reality of our broader interfaces.

We often use this approach in the context of a broader leadership or change programme, perhaps as a prelude to Viral Changeor simply on its own to generate shared understanding of your real identity and real space and commitment to action.

If you are interested in discussing the advantages of treating your team, division or organization as a brand and how this can enhance significantly your common purpose and ultimately allow you to execute our mission more rapidly, get in touch.