Advancing Collective and Backstage Leadership

We prefer the use of the term ‘practising leadership’ to ‘developing’ to emphasise the real-life essence of leadership. So much has been written that the world is full of recipes and techniques, examples, and role models. The rich plethora of available answers obscures the need to have good questions. Reflection and introspection seem like logical ingredients for being a good leader, yet our business and organizational life treats them as a luxury that has no place in our ubiquitous ‘time famine’. Busy-ness has taken over business, and leadership has been commoditised to a series of ‘how to’. Yet, there is hardly anything more precious in organizational life than individual and collective leadership capabilities.


Next Generation of Leaders


The Leader with 7 Faces
The Leader as Architect – Uncover the Power of Backstage Leadership™

Camino Book
Camino - Leadership Notes on the Road
The Leader with 7 Faces book
The Leader with Seven Faces
New Leaders Wanted book
New Leaders Wanted!
Leadership Principles Part I - learning from The Chalfont project Academy
Leadership Principles Part II - learning from The Chalfont Project Academy
Leading Culture Change - learning from The Chalfont Project Academy


We will help develop your next generation of leaders without sending them on long courses of paying for an expensive business school. 

Your organization depends heavily on the next generation of leaders with collective leadership abilities, even more so than the current ones. Traditionally, to train these people up in a high-performance team culture to be effective leaders would be to pay for an expensive training course or to a business school or to rotate their responsibilities and broaden their exposure within the organization. Unfortunately, many of these courses have a standard structure that is not personalised to your business or workforce. Many will provide a good platform for individual learning but an ineffective payoff in terms of skills transfer when going back into the workplace.

Our horizons program goes deep into your organization’s needs in terms of skills, capabilities, leadership, and network management. It is a bespoke program that combines the instructional aspects of collective leadership with hands-on practices to create a community of leaders well beyond the individual educational gain. 

During the program, we will conduct a joint assessment and organize all the activities, including classroom and real-world experiences for several months of mentoring and exposure to give everyone in the team a chance to experience leadership. This process will create the ‘organization of tomorrow’, which will be led by these people one day. In the end, the borders between the training program and real-life implementation will be blurred, and the individual gains will be enormous. The benefit to the organization is that it will be prepared for the future as the high performance team culture with leadership at the forefront of its values is naturally ingrained into the workforce. 


Leadership is something we practice every day. The Seven Faces framework, questions leadership practices and offers a process to answer those so that you can keep your leadership in check. 

The Leader with Seven Faces is a program designed to engage individual managers or management groups in an in-depth journey to realize the hidden values and beliefs of the organization which will assist in creating leadership skills and capability. Based upon Leandro Herrero’s book, The Leader with Seven Faces, in its different forms, propel the manager or the group to the next stage of insights to create effective change. As a result, the team will become aligned faster through agreed non-negotiable behaviours and shared commitment to action. 


In this course, we approach the Seven Faces:

  • What leaders say (language and meaning)
  • Where they go (what maps and journeys, where they take people)
  • What they build (their legacy)
  • What they care about (their values & what is negotiable)
  • How they do all this (their leadership style)
  • What they are (awareness, responsibility)
  • What leaders do


This course can take place in three forms which are as follows:

  • One or two-day intensive seminar with your management team
  • As a senior executive retreat – a Mon-Fri program for senior leaders/CEOs
  • As an individual coaching program – an intensive seven-week program


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Backstage Leadership - LEADING FROM THE BACK

In his books, Viral Change™ and Homo Imitans, Leandro Herrero defines backstage leadership as the type of leadership that supports and facilitates the leadership of others, usually in lower positions in the organization in terms of hierarchy, without being too visible or exercising traditional command control. 

Backstage leadership may be counterintuitive in the territory of typical leadership, where visible role modelling and directional presence are expected from the leaders, particularly senior ones. 

Backstage leadership as an intervention is a mixture of awareness, coaching, and educational skilling. We will introduce you to the concept of backstage leadership, how it leads to collective leadership and show what you need to master it as well as explore how it can help your organization improve its culture and become more successful. 


During the course, you will learn:

  • What backstage leadership is, why it’s important and how it works
  • Uncovering the ‘3 hats’ of leadership
  • The roles of influencers and hierarchical leaders in backstage leadership
  • Why do leaders gain control rather than lose control through backstage leadership
  • How we use backstage leadership in viral change programs


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