How The Chalfont Project engages with clients

What kind of company is 'The Chalfont Project'?

The Chalfont Project is an organizational consulting company. We call ourselves ‘organizational architects’ and are uncompromising about this title!

We define ourselves as an ongoing project, in the same way we see in our clients ‘the life of their organizations’. We are not a training company although we love teaching! We think that there is a blurred line between some of those categories, but our emphasis is on delivering professional services and solutions to our clients.

We are not an HR company. Obviously, our engagements have to do with Human, Organizational and Social capital (the very nature of many HR and Organizational development functions), but our backgrounds and experience are based in behavioural sciences and in day-to-day business management.

What kind of projects are representative of The Chalfont Project work?

It’s a broad spectrum and therefore a difficult question to answer! Organizational design projects (for example, pre- or post-M&A, or following organic growth, or in the context of an internal reorganization) may last from 3 months to perhaps one year. Behavioural change programmes (for example in the form of Viral Change) follow similar patterns.

Human collaboration programmes focused on Team Alignment or Team Development may have several phases of one or two weeks each. Very often we combine Team Alignment and Development with Leadership Development. Leadership programmes are also of a broad spectrum: from an intensive, few days’ top management or Leadership retreat to a series of leadership development interventions.

What's the core expertise of The Chalfont Project?

The Chalfont Project has one clear core expertise: Behavioural and Social Sciences applied to organizational challenges (i.e. development, leadership, collaboration, growth, operational problems, etc.)

Two things to consider:

(1) Many people who use the ‘behavioural’ umbrella are in reality using a lot of popular psychology (2) We are real practitioners drawing from our own backgrounds, experience and academia.

What's the daily rate of services at The Chalfont Project?

There isn’t one. We do not bill per day, per hour or per number of people involved. We work on a project basis with goals and deliverables and we work towards those endpoints on a fixed cost basis. We provide an indicative number of fulltime equivalent days that we believe will be the minimum required for us to fulfill our commitments and we provide the total cost.

We work and propose your investment on the basis of delivering ‘output-value’ to you, the customer, not on the basis of the nature of the input (days, nights, bodies, etc.) that is required.

Who is typically engaging the services of The Chalfont Project?

This varies. I can be the top leadership of the organization or divisional heads or others. We work closely with supporting functions such as HR or Organizational Development and are sometimes called in by these functions. However, we firmly believe that the ‘business owners’ must be the real interface of our partnership.

Can we hire The Chalfont Project for small engagements such as one-off workshops?

Yes, you can. Dr Herrero is available during the year for a limited number of closed speaking engagements to Boards, management teams or broader divisional groups. This is very often in the format of a very interactive and engaging mini-workshop.

If you would like to discuss a potential engagement with The Chalfont Project, please contact us (choose ‘Speaking engagements’)