Human Collaboration

Are there specific programmes to help the creation of collaborative spaces?

Most of The Chalfont Project’s programmes are completely tailored to the client and their needs. However, the following two represent a standard prototyope in the area of teams and external collaborations:

Team Alignment is a powerful 5-step process that increases the effectiveness of any team quickly.

Effective Partnerships is aimed at improving all human interactions to create more effective and efficient strategic alliances, partnerships or external alliances.

How is The Chalfont Project using 'Human Collaboration'?

The Chalfont Project believes that effective collaboration provides an organization with the true competitive advantage in today’s business world. The Chalfont Project helps their clients to improve their internal & external collaborations by developing tools (processes, structures, behaviours) that are most suited to each client’s individual needs.

What are the 'collaborative spaces' that The Chalfont Project refers to?

In a simple way, there are two forms of ‘collaborative spaces’: designed and spontaneously created (or ’emergent’).

Collaboration ‘by design’ is represented mainly by teams.

Spontaneous collaboration may be ‘seen’ through the internal networks of the organization. A true collaborative space takes into account and creates a balance between these two forms.

What is Human Collaboration?

‘Human Collaboration’ is any collaboration between any number of people. In an organization, this could be between different teams, different countries, members of the same team who are or are not in different countries, etc. Or the collaboration could be between different organizations altogether.

In the IT world and Computer Sciences, sometimes the expression ‘computer-human collaboration’ is used to refer to the power of technology linking individuals in ‘collaborative spaces’.

Where can I learn more about The Chalfont Project's approach to collaborative spaces?

Our approach needs to be understood in the context of ‘the model of organization’. That is, our emphasis and (research and practice) interest in internal organizational networks. A good summary of this can be found in the book Viral Change.

Why is The Chalfont Project's approach to Human Collaboration different?

The Chalfont Project’s approach to Human Collaboration goes beyond simple role definitions or aligning people to a strategy. We use a specialised methodology to create and implement practical ways for the team to work together in an effective and efficient way , or to ‘use’ the internal networks of influence within the organization.