Leadership Development

What can The Chalfont Project offer regarding Leadership Development?

The Leader with Seven Faces is a methodology used in a number of unique seminars, retreats and programmes, all aimed at improving the quality of leadership by uncovering first the true (and often hidden) values and beliefs. These propel the leader or the management team to the next level of effectiveness.

Executive and team coaching is provided through programmes tailored to the individual or the team. These programmes develop leadership and emotional intelligence capabilities, resulting in improved decision-making and performance, increased productivity and greater success for the organization.

Where can I read more about Leadership Development?

You can find out more about The Chalfont Project’s approach to leadership here on The Chalfont Project web site.

The methodology used in The Leader with Seven Faces programmes is also described in the book The Leader with Seven Faces: finding your own ways to practice leadership in today’s organization.

You can buy the book through Amazon UK, Amazon US or through meetingminds .

Why is The Chalfont Project's approach to Leadership Development different?

The Chalfont Project does not stop at defining the qualities and leadership values. We go further and we develop those values into real, actionable behaviours. The result is that teams are able to move faster and become more efficient and effective; individuals are better able to lead and inspire others.