Collaborations In The Plural

How to host different styles of collaboration under one roof? You may need to leave your comfort zone. The one that the uniformity of ‘one way of managing’ gives. Diversity will pay off.

Trapped in uniformity

The modern organization is obsessed with uniformity: one organization chart, one way of doing things, one reporting system, one set of teams. This is all done (mistakenly) on behalf of ‘one culture’. As a consequence you may end up running organizations in which all divisions and groups are treated in the same way. Everything feels the same, looks the same and smells the same. Yet all your organizational pieces may in reality be very diverse in aims, closeness to the customer, product life cycles, pace and styles of working or kinds of people. You may be sacrificing the richness of diversity on behalf of a more comfortable homogeneity: similar processes, similar reporting, similar structures, similar assessment. Management may have an illusion of control whilst everybody else suffers the discomfort of the straightjacket.

Co-existing tight and loose spaces

Your organization is a landscape of multiple collaborative spaces, each of which need to be crafted on their own merits. Some of them may need to work on a pretty loose arrangement, yet with a very tight sense of direction. Other parts may need to be run in a far tighter way. One reason why people do not tend to allow such diversity is for fear of increasing complexity in management. So we have organizations which often end up running to the tune of the lowest common denominator, stifling creativity in the areas where this should be high or being too loose in areas which need a very precise set of systems and processes. Parts of you organization where processes are naturally heavy will tend to crave for a more relationship style of environment, and those who are heavy in relationships are craving for ‘more structure and discipline’. Everybody feels a bit homesick.

Fit for purpose, different models, one roof.

We will bring to you a way to diagnose and map the different collaborative spaces in your organization. We will assess their balance and fit for purpose in the way they are run and will establish ways of correction (migration) when needed. We will help you to put in place the management and leadership capabilities to be able to host all different spaces without falling into the trap of rigid uniformity. We will guide and coach you to make the most of the diversity under one roof even if it takes you beyond your zone of comfort of uniformity and homogeneity. We will help you to deal with that. The result is an organization run with all the advantages of flexibility and all the safeguards of good governance.