Innovation via Behaviours

It’s behaviours! Innovation doesn’t work unless people want to innovate and, actually, they do something: collaborate, cooperate, give input, share ideas.

Innovation is behavioural

Many innovation programmes in organizations are based on processes, technology or both. The question seems to be how to generate new ideas, how to qualify them, how to declared them ‘winners’, how to implement them etc. The old suggestion box has been transformed into very sophisticated processes where technology facilitates idea generation and idea management. The more people can participate the better, the technology people say. In recent years new concepts such crowdsourcing have emphasised the power of the collective brain. If all brains could be asked and input, surely there will be no shortage of good ideas.

The trouble is that many of these innovation programmes which emphasise ‘the process of innovation’ and ‘the use of technology to participate’ ignore a precious component of the equation: behaviours. No size of collaborative software installed in everybody’s laptop can foster collaboration and innovation if the behaviours are not in the DNA of the organization.

Uncovering and developing your behavioural DNA

InnovACTions is designed to create the behavioural conditions in which new processes, new systems and new technologies can be effective. In this chicken and egg, innovACTions says ‘start with behaviours’ before you use that colossal budget for the new ‘innovation software’. InnovACTions works at all levels of the organizations via a series of interventions both in the educational side and the behavioural change needed. We will devise for you a tailored programme to get those behaviours developed and embedded and will take you through the journey of establishing innovation and collaboration as part of new behavioural DNA. An then, your new technology (and there are many beautiful ones in the market which we could advise you to use) and your new ‘innovation process’ (and we may challenge the conventional wisdom of some ) will do wonders…